Tile Underlayments
Ceramic Tile Underlayment Summary

Ceramic Tile Underlayment


There are so many ceramic tile underlayments available on the market today. Honestly, to put it simple, some are just crap. So to keep you from using those underlayments, we have listed the top brands, and styles on the market today. These underlayments have been tested on the market, and carry a huge repeat user ratio when it comes to the professional installer. As for the DIYs, these underlayments are easy to use, and very much affordable. You will not be giving up quality with these underlayments, just because they are priced right.


Ceramic Tile Underlayments

Durock Tile Membrane - Best underlay for DIYs, and most cost savings for the professional.

Securmat Underlayment - One of the highest commercial ratings on the market.

Roll-On Underlayment - Replaces the plastic roll out tile membrane. Modified thinset is used with this membrane.

Permat Underlayment by Blanke - If you are installing over wood, you are going to want this under your tile!