Tile Underlayments
Installing Tile

Installing Ceramic Tile

It is very important to use the correct tile underlayment. If you don't you could have an installation failure down the road. Tiles cracking, popping, grout cracks; it happens so much, and it's because not too many are willing to take the time to learn about the different ceramic tile underlayment options available today. It's no longer one underlayment can do it all. Some can be used in different applications, but a majority of the time, you will find an underlayment for tile that will work better than others for your specific installation task.

Every tile installation can differ from one to the other. For a seasoned tile installer, it becomes natural to find new ways, and to use quick thinking when a new challenge during an installation arises. For someone who is attempting a tile installation on their own for the first time a simple side step can cause disaster, and confusion.

Your best bet to tackling any tile installation is to know your work area. Which underlayment are you going to use? Which size tile? How are you going to lay out your tile? Where are you going to start your installation? Is the subfloor acceptable or appropriate for your application?

You are going to have to research, and ask the right questions. We highly recommend using DIY forum, or a professional forum or message board. Most will have threads that involve the DIY asking the professionals for advice. Very helpful.


Manufacture’s Warranty

Tile Installation  

It is very important you follow the manufacture's installation directions for both the underlayment and the tile. If your tile calls for the use of a modified thin set to be used when installing the tile, make sure the tile underlayment calls for the same when applying the tile over it. This not only insures that you will have a solid installation, but you will also have the warranty for both the tile underlayment and the tile.

For additional information on your specific tile installation you can use our search box located at the top of our site. There are so many scenarios for installations, your best bet is to deal with yours by looking at what other's have done with similar situations when it comes to tile installation.