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Roll-On Tile Underlayments have been growing in popularity within the last couple years. The reason for the growth has to do with the ease of installation, along with cost effectiveness. Most Tile Underlayments that come in a roll form, are installed using a modified thinset or an adhesive of some sort. Roll-On Tile Underlayments have a sutible substrate list the seem go on forever. One of the biggest advantages of using a Roll-On is the fact that you are able to use them over OSB. Tile Underlayments that rely on a thinset for installation require a certain type of modified thinset that specifically lists OSB as a suitable substrate. This type of OSB thinset may not be readily available causing delays in your install, or significantly raising the per square foot cost of the installation job. When using Roll-on tileunderlayment, there is no need to use a thinset for the installation of the membrane. Simply roll the membrane over your subfloor with an even coat. This in turn saves you money by splitting your thinset expense by half! Tiles will then install over the roll-on membrane using a modified thinset.

Roll-On Tile Underlayments offer you specifications that are very comparable to roll formed tile underlayments, however the thing that they cannot do is uncouple. Due to the single layer properties, the ability to uncouple cannot be present. However that doesn't mean that they don't have movement and crack isolation properties. Ardex 8+9, for example, will warrant a horizontal movement of up to an 1/8". Greenseel states in their warranty that they will cover you up to 1/4" of movement. The fact will still remain, that if there is too much movement other than just defection, your floor covering will crack or pop.


Roll-On Tile Underlayment Features:

Interior or Exterior Use - Most tile underlayment will specify interior use only. Roll-On tile underlayments will work for exterior use (Ardex 8+9 and Greenseel)

Crack Isolation - Great for use over concrete with minor cracks under 1/8"

Waterproofing - Perfect for use in laundry rooms, kitchens, and bathroom floors. Will also work for shower installs

Cost Effective - The per square foot cost is drastically reduced due to the use of a smaller amount of thinset

Easy of Installation - Home owners that want to attempt a home renovation project, look no further!