Tile Underlayments
Securmat Tile underlayment

Securmat Tile Underlayment

Blanke Securmat tile underlayment is a tear-proof uncoupling tile underlayment membrane that provides a secure bonding surface for ceramic tile and natural stone installations. 

Blanke Securmat underlay can be used on both interior floors and walls.  Securmat also provides superior crack isolation protection.  If the substrate may be subject to lateral movement of any kind, the crack isolation properties will help protect and prevent damage to the tile covering. 

This underlayment is extremely light weight, thin, and easy to install.  Because it features such a thin, low elevation, it requires much less thinset mortar than most other rolled uncoupling products.  Blanke Securmat is perfect for new installations as well as for remodels and renovations over existing floor coverings.



Securmat Tile Underlayment Testing

Tile underlay Blanke Securmat  

Blanke Securmat has successfully completed rigorous testing by the TCNA (Tile Council of North America, Inc).  Securmat installation completed thirteen cycles with no evidence of damage to the tiles or grout joints.  At the completion of cycle fourteen (steel wheels, 300 pounds per wheel), there was one spalled grout joint.  All evaluation criteria were based on 8 tiles and 8 grout joints in the wheel path of the Robinson-Type Floor Tester. The installation was classified as "Extra Heavy" for "extra heavy and high-impact use in food plants, dairies, breweries, and kitchens".